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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 3, 2018 10:30pm-10:51pm BST

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and a dakota in what will be the raf‘s centrepiece for its centenary year. the biggest fly—past london has ever seen. and that fly—past will be take place next tuesday at 1pm. there'll be full coverage on the bbc. let's go back to moscow after a night of extraordinary drama. england are through to the world cup quarter finals. dan roan is there. sophie, for so long as england's record when it comes to penalties has been something of a joke with six shoot out defeats stretching back to 1990 in major tournaments. tonight, finale that run came to an end. here is the skipper, harry kane. so proud of the lads. we had to dig deep, we were so unlucky to concede that last—minute goal. we we re concede that last—minute goal. we were hit too hard when it shows something that happens. we had a
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good game at extra time and then the penalty shoot out. it has been terrible for us and we know that. to step up when it mattered and do what we did,i step up when it mattered and do what we did, iam so step up when it mattered and do what we did, i am so proud of everyone involved. the match may have ended 40 involved. the match may have ended a0 minutes ago but as you can see and hear, at the far end of the stadium, england's outnumbered fans remain in place and there are going nowhere and neither do their team, they take on sweden on saturday and they take on sweden on saturday and the big question is how far can they go after so much failure in recent tournaments. this feels like they have restored some pride. it certainly does. that's it from us. here on bbc one time for the news where you are.. this is bbc world news america... as our world cup coverage continues,
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it is to from world cup had lifted, it could've been another dire night, but since some through to the quarterfinals. that success sparked delirium across england to. and sweden on saturday after they knocked out the swiss in st petersburg. at the bbc sports centre, including a good date for the birds at wimbledon. in her opening match and the british number one is through advancing to the second round with an impressive start to his campaign. what a day it has been for ankle a
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historic one. it has been incredible few days, and the knockout round compared to what we've seen, argentina going out for — three, sparked dramas on sunday, russia going through, knocking off spain, we've got an amazing comeback againstjapan, so we might none of the last match in the last 16, england against colombia right here in the capital, at the stadium against would go the distance, england so close to going through with a noble time, colombo getting injury time equaliser. then we had
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the nerves in extra time, england might of wanted there and then. it all went down to the dreaded, dreaded as far as england are concerned, spot kicks. at the beginning cross life to the stadium and speak to our sports editor. it feels as though decades of history has just been lifted with just one take. quarterfinalist and fig sauce. the penalty spot as well. added tag is the worst practitioners and penalty shots, since 1990, they have lost six of those shoot outs at major tournaments, the last one they w011 was major tournaments, the last one they won was in 1996 as we've seen so
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much pain since and it feels like they are finally breaking the curse. so many achievements in disappointments that england finally bounced back and restored some pride, and some of the highlights of this evenings dramatic match your in moscow, at the stadium. england started on the brighter side, they had to wait until the hurricanes penalty to make that dominance count once again. handling the pressure and finishing with a six goal of the tournament to extend his lead in the golden boot, leaving the goal—scorer here at 2018 england's captain ed at show their opponents are in short they are made of and about all the way through that second half minute of stoppage time and then and barcelona the third goal of this tournament, another towering header, scored in russia, breaking england
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resista nce scored in russia, breaking england resistance does and they thought they had enough. and then and deciding matches, the penalty shoot out notes eric, the hotspur who became england's hero, holding his nerve, and it missed the penalty, he had saved brilliantly does before that. and then he stepped up knowing that. and then he stepped up knowing that if he could do the business been england would be through to the last of the quarterfinals and had done something that no england meant had done, and 12 years. then one and knockout match and they had exercise all of those demons in the past and the question now is, to stop barking this young side go. into this game, because of the way they played into the opposition, and pam allah. and in that beside the fact against belgium, so this was the night we really discovered had him off.
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well dan, they were really tested we re well dan, they were really tested were practising some of the dark arts, what they? the referee was really struggling to keep control of that match, and the swedes, were not really pushed by the swiss but, those young players, now got to sort of get over this moment. know that they are two winds away on the south side of the world cup draw of reaching the world cup final. of course he would tell us it's one game ata course he would tell us it's one game at a time, they will be looking at anything further ahead than that. but you're absolutely right, england would never have a better opportunity than this to make a world cup final. sweden is not
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unbeatable, and we either know croatia are russia in the semifinals if they can make it that far. this no reason why they cannot. you said 18 months ago when he took over, that england would be on the verge ofa that england would be on the verge of a world cup semifinal, they can beat sweden, then it would be hard to believe quite frankly. they can go no further than that. it is a with this team and their fans. there've always been able to achieve for that record went over panama, but then, tonight was the real test i think it was fair to say. this was the real mama will discover exactly what kind of character the team had. they had been practising penalties. they had been practising penalties. the players were asked all week because of the fact of such an extent, the tactics are questioned, what they? when they played against belgium, the worst they should've just gone for it, but he feels he had been vindicated. if you go one step further to the semifinals then who knows of this team is capable
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of. but this was a real coming—of—age moment, not just of. but this was a real coming—of—age moment, notjust for men like him, who are in charge of the penalty shoot out, they would have learned so much as you say, and the reality is that there is no reason why they cannot make the world cup final and a couple of weeks' time. our sports editor there at the, a wonderful nerve shredding night that stiffens on the players now, starting with captain harry kane. i'm so proud. we had to dig deep, we are so unlikely to concede the last goal, but we played well and hit even harder when something happens, that shows we're made of what do extra time and it's been terrible for us over the years and of course, we know that. but yeah, to step up when it mattered and do we did. i am so proud of everyone involved. we worked hard and did a
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lot of research. we took a lot of penalties as well, so goes to the penalty shots, we are ready. but unfortunately, we give running and we keep going. they will head back to their training we keep going. they will head back to theirtraining camp we keep going. they will head back to their training camp now and they're having extending their stay, sweden on saturday i will show you how the swedes got thrown out. it was a fairly straightforward against the swiss and st petersburg. just the swiss and st petersburg. just the one goal. heavily directed, that is sweden through to their first quarterfinal i world cup in 2a years. so the quarterfinal line—up is complete now, what have we got to look forward to two rest days, i think we all need that. but we did going again on friday, with france against uruguay and brazil
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against belgium. and russia against croatia. england against sweden. 0ne of those four and a bottom half of the draw, they are going to be world cup finalists. that is why he was saying that england perhaps has never had a better chance since 66, since 1990 of reaching a world cup final. from here in moscow a great night for england, let's headed back to sarah and the sportscenter. let's calm things down a little bit at wimbledon, because we have the british number one's ava nte at wimbledon, because we have the british number one's avante to the second round after straight sets win to today. australian opener with all the news on the prisons, here is true. and understated beginning in court number two against the world
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number one. it was never easy against. konta naomi broady was playing her seventh wimbledon, but has only been beyond the first round once. this year she had the bad luck to be up against the defending champion. ina in a match that lasted an hour and a7 minutes. a raised fist, she is through! is very tough out there, why did make the right decision where i didn't do well enough, but they never need to make sure that i keep getting myself with goodbye. this year she had the bad luck of being against the champion in the second round. 19—year—old was
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19 year—old jay clarke was making his wimbledon debut, taking ernests gulbis to five sets but the former world number ten came through to win the decider 6—a. surely not the last we'll see of clarke at sw19. and the british men's number one was quickly into his stride against qualifier alex bolt. kyle edmund is another who's never been beyond round two, but that may change his all—round game helped him into a two—love lead his all—round game helped him into a two—love lead and a trouble—free passage into the second round, for the second year in a row. british number three katie boulter is also into the second round. she beat the woman immediately below her in the wta rankings, the world number 122, veronica cepede royg of paraguay in three sets.
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former champion maria sharapova has been knocked out this evening. she went down two sets to one to russian qualifier vitalia diat—chenko. it's sharapova's first ever defeat in the opening round. diatchenko will face sofia kenin of the united states next. another big shock earlier today. former champion petra kvitova is out. the number eight seeed was beaten by the belarussian aliksandra sasnovich. her reward for the best result of her career is a second round clash with taylor townsend of the united states. novak djokovic was barely troubled as he moved past american tennys sandgren in straight sets. the three—times champion, seeded 12th this year lostjust six games and tookjust 93 minutes to seal victory. djokovic has had a difficult 12 months since pulling out of last year's tournament with an elbow injury. but there are real signs that
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he's coming back to form. world number one rafael nadal was on court for the first time since last month's french open win, but there was no rustiness from the second seed. he swept past israel's dudi sela in straight sets to reach the second round. finally england's cricketers lost their first t20 match against india at old trafford by eight wickets. none of england's batsmen could come to terms with spinner kuldeep yadav who finished with five wickets, including that ofjoe root who went for a duck. india reached their target of 160 with ten balls to spare. the second match in the series is in cardiff on friday. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. i'm sure they'll be plenty of
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reaction to england's when. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are katy balls, political correspondent for the spectator and the guardian's deputy political editor pippa crerar. some of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the financial times is leading on miner and commodity trading company glencore facing an investigation by the us government into bribery and corruption. metro are going with england's victory over colombia, as they make their way to the world cup quarter finals. the nhs makes the front page of the guardian, who run with the story that patients in england will have more access to dna tests.
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and the telegraph are leading with the man known as nick, who alleged there was a paedophile ring at the heart of westminster. he has been charged with perverting the course of justice. let's start with the metro. front page, never in doubt of an error. i went in the country regret that. i'm delighted that. i'm delighted at the result. 0nce outside a bond is so sofa and hiding in the car, but yeah, it was a nail—biting match and i think credit went to them, given that we have such a bad record of them. and a lot of people thought it might be over, the people had his all wrong. that is probably good for the economy on a side note. .
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because you have at least another few days left. and i'm a scot and i am supporting england, so there you go. they've managed to overcome some old enmities there. and brought us to the brink into the break and back again. and finally they got the important ball at the back of the and net. sign excited tonight. england are as known to lose on penalties, everyone was dreading this. there's a lot of nerves, to the big break doesn't it? it looked like a window when it won milk, but then we're feeling less confident as a team, then we're feeling less confident as ateam,| then we're feeling less confident as a team, i feel that although it was awful to watch, and then they got some confidence and proved that they can wina some confidence and proved that they can win a penalty shoot out. in colombia was distraught that they missed the first one, and then they're like it's gone, i was a
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pessimist. and i think it's going to get quite contagious in the coming days. and in saturday after a few matches i think... yarmulke got here and wasn't in the big screen. somebody had on the mobile phone him we all watched. people appearing in houses, which happened to have big—screen televisions. lots of other stores to get through, let's have a look at the financial times. the fuel tax rise, matt says tory mp, this is a story that we had earlier on today, quite a backlash against it. this is the guardian's at school as of yesterday, which was saying that the treasury is considering putting up the freeze on, alcohol duty at the last budget.
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in order to help address the pressure on public finances. 0bviously pressure on public finances. obviously the chancellor is very, running back and anywhere from pledges and manifesto to tackle the deficit. and yet at the same time, the prime minister is promising extra quid and cabinet ministers including for defence in schools and policing. trying to get these departments that more cash as well. they are in a bit of a bind, departments that more cash as well. they are in a bit ofa bind, they don't want to borrow marbled where is the money going to come from? and does a thing to does exist, have some questions about where the money will start coming in and how much it will start coming in and how much it will be. so, the prime minister had suggested when she made her announcement that the taxpayers would have to bear the brunt and does the treasury, see the most palatable way of doing


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